Display digital timer without showing number of days left




    <style type="text/css">

    #holder {

        position: relative;

        top: 10px;

        left: 0px;

        width: 270px;

        height: 60px;

        border: none;

        margin: 0px auto;


    #title, #note {

        color: lime;     /* this determines the color of the DAYS, HRS, MIN,

                            SEC labels under the timer and the color of the

                            note that displays after reaching the target date

                            and time;

                            if using the blue digital images, change to #52C6FF;

                            for the red images, change to #FF6666;

                            for the white images, change to #BBBBBB;

                            for the yellow images, change to #FFFF00 */


   #title {

        position: relative;

        top: 3px;

        left: 18px;

        height: 15px;

        width: 130px;

        margin: 0 auto;

        border: none;


    #note {

        position: relative;

        top: 6px;

        height: 20px;

        width: 260px;

        margin: 0 auto;

        padding: 0px;

        text-align: center;

        font-family: Arial;

        font-size: 18px;

        font-weight: bold;    /* options are normal, bold, bolder, lighter */

        font-style: normal;   /* options are normal or italic */

        z-index: 1;


    .title {

        border: none;

        padding: 0px;

        margin: 0px;

        width: 30px;

        text-align: center;

        font-family: Arial;

        font-size: 10px;

        font-weight: normal;    /* options are normal, bold, bolder, lighter */

        background-color: transparent;


    #timer {

        position: relative;

        top: 0px;

        left: 0px;

        margin: 5px auto;

        text-align: center;

        width: 260px 220px;

        height: 26px;

        border: none;

        padding: 10px 5px 20px 5px;

        background: #000000;        /* may change to another color, or to

                                           "transparent" */

        border-radius: 20px;

        box-shadow: 0 0 10px #000000;   /* change to "none" if you don't want a

   shadow */



    <script type="text/javascript">


    Count down until any date script-

    By JavaScript Kit (www.javascriptkit.com)

    Over 200+ free scripts here!

    Modified by Robert M. Kuhnhenn, D.O.


    on 5/30/2006 to count down to a specific date AND time,

    on 10/20/2007 to a new format, on 1/10/2010 to include

    time zone offset, and on 7/12/2012 to digital numbers.






    var note="Winter has arrived!";/* -->Enter what you want the script to

      display when the target date and time

      are reached, limit to 25 characters */

    var year=2012;      /* -->Enter the count down target date YEAR */

    var month=12;       /* -->Enter the count down target date MONTH */

    var day=21;         /* -->Enter the count down target date DAY */

    var hour=6;         /* -->Enter the count down target date HOUR (24 hour

          clock) */

    var minute=12;      /* -->Enter the count down target date MINUTE */

    var tz=-5;          /* -->Offset for your timezone in hours from UTC (see

          http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/index.htm to find

          the timezone offset for your location) */

    //-->    DO NOT CHANGE THE CODE BELOW!    <--

    d1 = new Image(); d1.src = "digital-numbers/1.png";

    d2 = new Image(); d2.src = "digital-numbers/2.png";

    d3 = new Image(); d3.src = "digital-numbers/3.png";

    d4 = new Image(); d4.src = "digital-numbers/4.png";

    d5 = new Image(); d5.src = "digital-numbers/5.png";

    d6 = new Image(); d6.src = "digital-numbers/6.png";

    d7 = new Image(); d7.src = "digital-numbers/7.png";

    d8 = new Image(); d8.src = "digital-numbers/8.png";

    d9 = new Image(); d9.src = "digital-numbers/9.png";

    d0 = new Image(); d0.src = "digital-numbers/0.png";

    bkgd = new Image(); bkgd.src = "digital-numbers/bkgd.gif";

    var montharray=new Array("Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec");

    function countdown(yr,m,d,hr,min){


        var today=new Date();

        var todayy=today.getYear();

        if (todayy < 1000) {todayy+=1900;}

        var todaym=today.getMonth();

        var todayd=today.getDate();

        var todayh=today.getHours();

        var todaymin=today.getMinutes();

        var todaysec=today.getSeconds();

        var todaystring1=montharray[todaym]+" "+todayd+", "+todayy+" "+todayh+":"+todaymin+":"+todaysec;

        var todaystring=Date.parse(todaystring1)+(tz*1000*60*60);

        var futurestring1=(montharray[m-1]+" "+d+", "+yr+" "+hr+":"+min);

        var futurestring=Date.parse(futurestring1)-(today.getTimezoneOffset()*(1000*60));

        var dd=futurestring-todaystring;

        var dday=Math.floor(dd/(60*60*1000*24)*1);

        var dhour=Math.floor((dd%(60*60*1000*24))/(60*60*1000)*1) + (dday*24);

        var dmin=Math.floor(((dd%(60*60*1000*24))%(60*60*1000))/(60*1000)*1);

        var dsec=Math.floor((((dd%(60*60*1000*24))%(60*60*1000))%(60*1000))/1000*1);








        else {



            startTimer = setTimeout("countdown(theyear,themonth,theday,thehour,theminute)",500);




    function convert(d,h,m,s) {

        if (!document.images) return;

        if (d <= 9) {

            document.images.day1.src = bkgd.src;

            document.images.day2.src = bkgd.src;

            document.images.day3.src = eval("d"+d+".src");


        else if (d <= 99) {

            document.images.day1.src = bkgd.src;

            document.images.day2.src = eval("d"+Math.floor(d/10)+".src");

            document.images.day3.src = eval("d"+(d%10)+".src");


        else {

            document.images.day1.src = eval("d"+Math.floor(d/100)+".src");

            var day = d.toString();

            day = day.substr(1,1);

            day = parseInt(day);

            document.images.day2.src = eval("d"+day+".src");

            document.images.day3.src = eval("d"+(d%10)+".src");


        if (h <= 9) {

            document.images.h1.src = d0.src;

            document.images.h2.src = eval("d"+h+".src");


        else {

            document.images.h1.src = eval("d"+Math.floor(h/10)+".src");

            document.images.h2.src = eval("d"+(h%10)+".src");

            document.images.h1.src = bkgd.src;

            document.images.h2.src = bkgd.src;

            document.images.h3.src = d0.src;

            document.images.h4.src = eval("d"+h+".src");


        else if (h <= 99) {

            document.images.h1.src = bkgd.src;

            document.images.h2.src = bkgd.src;

            document.images.h3.src = eval("d"+Math.floor(h/10)+".src");

            document.images.h4.src = eval("d"+(h%10)+".src");


        else if (h <= 999) {

            document.images.h1.src = bkgd.src;

            document.images.h2.src = eval("d"+Math.floor(h/100)+".src");

            var hour10 = h.toString();

            hour10 = hour10.substr(1,1);

            hour10 = parseInt(hour10);

            document.images.h3.src = eval("d"+hour10+".src");

            document.images.h4.src = eval("d"+(h%10)+".src");


        else if (h <= 9999) {

            document.images.h1.src = eval("d"+Math.floor(h/1000)+".src");

            var hour100 = h.toString();

            hour100 = hour100.substr(1,1);

            hour100 = parseInt(hour100);

            document.images.h2.src = eval("d"+hour100+".src");

            var hour10 = h.toString();

            hour10 = hour10.substr(2,1);

            hour10 = parseInt(hour10);

            document.images.h3.src = eval("d"+hour10+".src");

            document.images.h4.src = eval("d"+(h%10)+".src");


        if (m <= 9) {

            document.images.m1.src = d0.src;

            document.images.m2.src = eval("d"+m+".src");


        else {

            document.images.m1.src = eval("d"+Math.floor(m/10)+".src");

            document.images.m2.src = eval("d"+(m%10)+".src");


        if (s <= 9) {

            document.images.s1.src = d0.src;

            document.images.s2.src = eval("d"+s+".src");


        else {

            document.images.s1.src = eval("d"+Math.floor(s/10)+".src");

            document.images.s2.src = eval("d"+(s%10)+".src");





<body onload="countdown(year,month,day,hour,minute)">

    <div id="holder">

        <div id="timer">

            <div id="note"></div>

            <div id="countdown">

                <img height=21 src="digital-numbers/bkgd.gif" width=16 name="day1">

                <img height=21 src="digital-numbers/bkgd.gif" width=16 name="day2">

                <img height=21 src="digital-numbers/bkgd.gif" width=16 name="day3">

                <img height=21 id="colon1" src="digital-numbers/colon.png" width=9 name="d1">

                <img height=21 src="digital-numbers/bkgd.gif" width=16 name="h1">

                <img height=21 src="digital-numbers/bkgd.gif" width=16 name="h2">

                <img height=21 src="digital-numbers/bkgd.gif" width=16 name="h3">

                <img height=21 src="digital-numbers/bkgd.gif" width=16 name="h4">

                <img height=21 id="colon2" src="digital-numbers/colon.png" width=9 name="g1">

                <img height=21 src="digital-numbers/bkgd.gif" width=16 name="m1">

                <img height=21 src="digital-numbers/bkgd.gif" width=16 name="m2">

                <img height=21 id="colon3" src="digital-numbers/colon.png" width=9 name="j1">

                <img height=21 src="digital-numbers/bkgd.gif" width=16 name="s1">

                <img height=21 src="digital-numbers/bkgd.gif" width=16 name="s2">

                <div id="title">

                    <div class="title" style="position: absolute; top: 36px; left: 42px">DAYS</div>

                    <div class="title" style="position: absolute; top: 36px 0px; left: 105px 0px">HRS</div>

                    <div class="title" style="position: absolute; top: 36px 0px; left: 156px 52px">MIN</div>

                    <div class="title" style="position: absolute; top: 36px 0px; left: 211px 104px">SEC</div>







Directly below is the code with the changes needed to display the digital timer without the days; select the code by clicking on the "Select entire code" button, then copy it.  Below that is the code with color coding to show the changes from the original digital countdown timer code. Deleted parts of the code are shown striked-out in blue and added code is in yellow. The rest of the script remains unchanged.

This timer displays the countdown without showing the number of days left; it will display only the hours, minutes and seconds.