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Frequently Asked Questions
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This knowledgebase is a categorized collection of articles that answers frequently asked questions (FAQ). You can enter search terms above to see if there is an article that addresses your question or select an article from the categories below.
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How can I place multiple countdown timers on one page?
Numbers are not showing up in the timer.
I don't have access to the <body> tag in which to put the onload event.
The timer displays "NaN" (Not a Number) instead of the numbers.
Customize Timer
How do I add milliseconds to the timer?
How do I make the countdown timer automatically repeat daily?
How do I get the countdown timer to repeat itself and countdown to a given weekday?
How do I show a leading "0" (zero) in front of single digit numbers?
How do I get the timer to count UP?
How do I change the code so that it does not show the number of days left?
Time Zone Issues
How do I set the time zone to +5:30 (for India)?
How do I remove the time zone setting so that the timer uses the time zone of the viewer?

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