Instructions for inserting the countdown timer code in iWeb ’08 (version 2.x) or ’09 (version 3.x)


Apple's iWeb '08 (version 2.0; part of iLife '08) makes it easy to insert HTML code into your web pages directly from iWeb using the Insert>HTML Snippet menu command (or go to the bottom toolbar and click on “Web Widgets” then select “HTML Snippet”). 

In iWeb ’09 (version3.0; part of iLife ’09) you can insert the code by using the Insert>Widget>HTML Snippet menu command (or select the “Widgets" pane in the Media slider and double click on the HTML Snippet). 

To get instructions on how to insert the countdown timer code in iWeb '06 (version 1.x) click here; for instructions for other HTML editors, click here.

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